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Connect to TC-Secure: Personal, Non-TC Device (AndroidOS 8/9)

*NOTE: The installation requires you to set up a 4-digit PIN/passcode screenlock on your device. If you already have a PIN or passcode on your phone, then you can proceed with the instructions below. If you do not currently have a PIN or passcode on your phone, please do the following:

Please note that there are many different flavors of Android devices and yours may be similar, but not exactly the same.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Settings application.
  2. From the Personal menu in the Settings application, choose Lock screen.
  3. Enter a 4-digit passcode and tap Next. Your passcode has been saved and you will now need to enter it to gain access to your mobile device.

*You're now ready to set up TC-Secure with your Android device

Step 1: Set Google Chrome to Default Browser (If You've Already Done this, Move Along to Step 2!)

a. Before you begin the steps below, you'll need to make Google Chrome your default browser. To do this, Click on Settings→Apps.

b. Right-click on the menu button on the top-right of the page, then click Default apps.

c. Click on Browser app.

d. Select Chrome. You can then exit out of this menu.

Follow the steps below connect to TC-Secure.

Step 2: Download the QuickConnect App

a. Open up the Google Play Store and search ClearPass QuickConnect.

b. Click install to proceed.

c. The next screen will ask you to either Open or Uninstall the application. Do neither! Instead, click the Home button to go back to your desktop.

Step 3: Set Up the Connection

a. Navigate to Settings--->Wi-Fi to see available wireless networks in the area. Click on TC-Secure in order to connect.

b. Set the CA certificate option to Don't validate.


Please Note: Don't click "Connect" just yet!

c.  In the Identity and Password fields, enter your Active Directory credentials (the same username (usually your last name) and password you use to log in to your work computer) . Leave Anonymous Identity blank.  Press Connect.

Step 4: Ok, This Step is a Little Odd, But Just Trust Us on This...

a. The Default Android Browser will automatically pop up. Click the menu button in the top-right.

b. If you have AndroidOS 8, click Keep connection.

** If you have AndroidOS 9, click Use this network as is.

c. You'll be brought back to the Settings--->Wi-Fi screen. Please click the Home button to return to the desktop.

d. Turn off your cellular/mobile data connection temporarily in order to force the use of TC-Secure.

Step 5: Back to the Connection Process!

a. Open Google Chrome to continue the connection process.

b. Type into the address bar and click Go. You will be automatically redirected back to the ClearPass Onboarding Portal.

Please enter your Active Directory credentials again (the same username and password you use to log in to your work computer), agree to the terms of use, and click Log In.

Step 6: Open QuickConnect

a. We installed QuickConnect back in Step 2, but go ahead and click Install QuickConnect

b. You'll be automatically redirected to the Google Play Store. Because you already installed the QuickConnect application earlier, you can simply click Open to proceed.

c. Click Continue once you've read through the QuickConnect instructions.

d. Click Allow to give ClearPass QuickConnect access to the device's location.

e. Click Allow to give ClearPass QuickConnect access to make and manage phone calls.

f. Click Allow to give ClearPass QuickConnect access to the device's location.

g. Click OK to proceed.

Step 7: Install the Profile

a. Click Install Network Profile to continue.

b. Click Download.

c. Click Open File

d. Click the ClearPass QuickConnect icon to open the file with QuickConnect.

Step 8: "Forget," Then You're All Set!

a. Follow the instructions in order to temporarily forget the TC-Secure network. Click on Wi-Fi Settings to proceed.

b. Right-click TC-Secure, then click Forget network.

c. Press the back button to return to the QuickConnect application.

d. The QuickConnect application will now proceed with final configuration.

e. Once complete, you'll see a message stating Your device is now successfully connected to the TC-Secure network. Click OK.

f. The Google Chrome browser window will display "QuickConnect will now apply..." You can now close Google Chrome. You are now connected to TC-Secure.

**Extra Credit: Check Your Connection!

To confirm connectivity, navigate to the Settings--->Wi-Fi menu. You'll see a Connected status directly below TC-Secure.

You can now re-enable your device's cellular/mobile data connection.

 You can view/manage your BYOD devices in the ClearPass Self-Service Portal. There is a link under the Welcome Tab--->TC Bookmarks section of myTC.

Alternatively, you can access the Self-Service Portal directly here: