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Download a Tegrity Video to Your Computer

1. Open the associated course in Canvas.

2. Click on Tegrity Classes in the Course Navigation.

3. Click the checkbox to the right of the video name that you want to download.

4. Click the Recording Tasks icon at the top of the list.

5. Click Download.

6. You may be prompted to download the Tegrity Download Manager.

7. You may need to right click the download on a PC and and click Open.

8. Once the file is dowloaded the Tegrity Download Manager will pop up indicated the file download has been completed.

9. Please note, this file will be in htm format, not a video file format.

10. The Tegrity download will automatically create a new folder on your computer.

11. The hard drive location of this new folder will depend on the Windows or Mac operating system you are using. Here are the different file paths:

11.1. For Windows C:/Users/your_username/Documents/My Tegrity Recordings/Sessions/

11.2. Mac OS X/Users/your_username/.local/share/Tegrity/My Tegrity Recordings/Sessions/

11.3. MacOS Sierra and later /Users/your_username/Videos/My Tegrity Recordings/Sessions

12. The ".local" folder is hidden, so when you go to your user folder you won't see it listed. The fastest way to get to this location is to open Finder and select Go > Go to Folder. From here, you can type in the location using the path above.

13.1. To find the computer video: Sessions > your_desired_session > Recording > Class > Projector > screen0.mp4

13.2. To find the camera video: Sessions > your_desired_session > Recording > Class > Instructor > video0.mp4