Self Service Enrollment Guide for iPads

1. From your iPad, copy and paste the following link into your SAFARI web browser:

The Safari browser icon looks like this:

You MUST use the Safari web browser for enrollment. Self Service enrollment will not work with Firefox or Chrome

2.  Type in your Active Directory username in the "Username" box, then type in your Active Directory password in the "Password" box, then tap "Log In."

3. Next, you'll see a box that says "Assign to user." Type in your Active Directory account username and tap the magnifying class icon. Then, tap "Enroll."

4. Tap "Continue"

5. Tap "Allow"

6. Tap "Continue"

7. Tap "Allow"

8. Tap "Install"

9. Tap "Install"

10. Tap "Trust"

11. Tap "Done"

12. The enrollment process has completed. You can close your browser.


13. To begin the installation of the Self Service app, tap "Install"

14. The Self-Service App is now installed! Here's what the App icon looks like:

15. Here's what the Self Service app looks like: