Add an Audio Device

1. Connect your USB headset to your computer.

2. Click the settings icon at the bottom of the main toolbar menu.

3. Click Audio.

4. To begin arranging Audio Settings:

4.1. Turn On 'Listen to the Sound From Your Microphones'

4.2. Turn On 'Noise Suppression'

4.3. Set noise suppression to -12Dp by sliding the bar left.

5. Then, to set the Default Audio Playback Device, Click the down arrow and choose your USB headset as the default.

6. Reboot the ManyCam.

7. After rebooting the software, click on the Audio icon on the main toolbar menu.

8. Scroll down to Audio Input.

9. Check that both the system sound and the USB headset are set as your Audio Inputs, if not, add as an audio device.

10. Select USB Headset as the Audio Playback Device.

Turn off Audio Monitoring.

11. Now, see directions for recording.