Create an Incident Ticket

2. On the left panel Click Create New under Incident.

3. Add the callers name with their associated UNI.

4. Type the reason for the ticket in the Short Description box.

5. Choose a subcategory for ticket from the pull down menu.

6. Add how they contacted you by using the Contact Type drop down menu.

7. Next, complete the Assignment group.  Choose Service Desk if the ticket needs to be assigned outside of Academic Technology.  Choose Academic Computing if it stays within the department, but you need Admin assistance, or choose Tech Fellows if you'll be assigning the ticket to yourself.

8. If you are assigning the ticket to yourself, add your name in the Assigned To box.

9. If working on a ticket, change the status to Work in Progress, if waiting for client information change the status to Awaiting User Info by clicking on the Status drop down menu.

10. In the Notes section of the ticket you can add:    

10.1. Watchers to the ticket who will be able to see Customer Visible comments.

10.2. As well as those who you'd like to read internal work notes.

10.3. Each time you want to contact the caller, type your notes in the pink box.

10.4. Make notes to yourself and others in the department in the yellow, internal work notes box.

11. When you've completed work on the ticket, mark the ticket in the Status drop down menu as Resolved.