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Add captions to your YouTube video in Screencast-o-matic


1. Log into the TC Portal.

2. Click on the Google Drive icon.

3. Click the Google apps icon (looks like a waffle).

4. Click on the YouTube icon.

5. Click on the Google Account icon and select Creator Studio.

6. Locate your video. Click the arrow to the right of Edit and select Subtitles/CC.

7. Select the language for the captions for your video and click Set language.

8. Click Add new subtitles or CC and select your language.

9. Click Transcribe and auto-sync.

10. Click the Play button on your video and type what is spoken in the box. When you stop typing, the video will pause.

11. When you've transcribe all of your video, click Set timings and wait.

12. When the syncing of your text and your video are synced, click on the "draft" that was just created.

13. Your timed text and your video will appear. In the first panel, you can revise the text and timing if needed. When you have completed your review, click Publish.

14. Once your subtitles are published, your viewers will be able to turn on captioning for your video.

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