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Remove a participant from a Zoom meeting


If an individual is being disruptive or not supposed to be in your Zoom meeting, the host can remove them from the meeting.

1. To remove a participant, click on Manage Participants in the bottom of the navigation window.

2. A pop-up on the right will appear with the list of all participants in the meeting.

3. Hover over the participant you would like to remove and click on the blue More> button to the right of their name.

4. Click on Remove.

5. Click OK to confirm that you want to remove the participant from your Zoom Meeting.

Note: At the TC level, we have disabled a participants ability to rejoin the Zoom meeting after they have been removed. However, you can change this setting on your personal account settings.

If you want to allow a removed participant to rejoin the meeting, go to your Zoom account and click on Settings on the left side.

Note: If you want to allow removed participants the ability to rejoin a meeting, you must change the setting in your account first before you start the meeting.

Make sure you are on the Meeting tab.

Scroll down to the Allow removed participants to rejoin option and click on the slide bar to change the color from grey to blue. This will allow removed participants to rejoin your meeting.

This setting will now be active in your account for all following Zoom meetings unless you turn it off.

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