TC Technology Knowledge Base

Create an "Observe" Policy


1. From KeyConfigure, navigate to the Products window (Window-->Products), and select the product you'd like to set up a policy for.

2. Once you have selected the product, right-click on the product name and select New Policy.

3.  From the Add a Policy screen, you can edit the name of the policy, if needed.  Additionally, if there are multiple versions of the product that you'd like to track, you can click on the Find icon (the magnifying glass) to add other versions of the product to the policy.

4. If you clicked the Find icon, you can drag and drop other versions of the product from the Products window into the Add a Policy window.

7. Once you have finished adding other versions of the product, click Next.

8. Under Action, set to Observe, then click Next.

9. Verify that the Scope is set to Universal and the Action is set to Observe. If all information is accurate, click Finish.

11. The Policy Details window will now appear.

12. Click File and select Save. The policy has now been successfully created and can be viewed in the Policy window.