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Set Up the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN - Apple iOS


This manual should be used to download, install and connect to the Teachers College GlobalProtect VPN on Apple iOS devices.

1.     Navigate to the App Store, and search GlobalProtect. Download the app, then click Open.

2.     Click Allow to enable the GlobalProtect App to send you notifications.

3.     Enter as the portal address, then click Connect.

4.     Click Allow to enable your iOS device to add the new VPN configuration.

5.     Use Touch ID/Face ID/Passcode in order to add the VPN Configuration.

6.     Enter your Active Directory username and password, then click Sign In.

7.     You'll receive a Palo Alto SSL VPN authentication prompt on your Duo MFA device for GlobalProtect Gateway authentication. Approve the login request to continue.

8.     If you prefer, you can click on the Don't show this again checkbox to prevent the welcome message from appearing in the future.

9.     You are now connected to the TC GlobalProtect VPN and have access to on-campus resources from your iOS device. To disconnect, press the Connected icon and then close the app.

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