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Set Up the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN - Google Chromebook


This manual should be used to download, install and connect to the Teachers College GlobalProtect VPN on Google Chromebook devices.

1.     Navigate to the Chrome Web Store, and search GlobalProtect. Click Add to Chrome.

2.     You will see a Successfully Installed confirmation message once the client has finished installing.

3.     In the Chromebook App Launcher, open the GlobalProtect app.

4.     Enter Portal Address:, then click Add Connection.

5.     Follow the instructions listed in order to establish a VPN connection, or the alternate method described in the following steps.

6.     On the Chromebook Shelf, click the VPN icon.

7.     Click on to proceed.

8.     Enter your Active Directory Username and Password, then click Connect.

9.     You'll receive a Palo Alto SSL VPN authentication prompt on your Duo MFA device for GlobalProtect Gateway authentication. Approve the login request to continue.

10.     A welcome page will also pop up upon initial connection. If you wish to disable permanently, check Do not show this again in the bottom right and close the window.

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