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Create Zoom HIPAA/BAA Subaccount


1. You should have received an email invitation requesting to add you to the Zoom HIPAA/BAA Subaccount.  Click on the Request.

2. You will receive a message indicating you're a member of the HIPAA/BAA Subaccount.

Account successfully switched
3. Copy that URL into a private browsing (incognito) browser. You should see same message.

4. Click Sign In to Profile Page

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 3.58.05 PM

5. Use your [email protected] email format and create your password.

6. You now have two Zoom accounts. To help distinguish between the two, only use your Zoom HIPAA account with an incognito browser.  

To ensure you are using the desired account click on your Profile in Zoom and examine your Sign-In Email - (for HIPAA) and (for all other)

Find your Sign-In Email
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