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Upgrading the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN - Mac OS X


This manual should be used to automatically upgrade the Teachers College GlobalProtect VPN on a Mac OS X device.

  1. Connect to the GlobalProtect VPN Client as usual.

2.     The client will begin updating automatically after connection, with the notification GlobalProtect agent upgrade is in progress. Please wait, application will restart once the upgrade is complete.

3.     You'll need to enter the keychain password of your Mac computer to continue.

4.     Wait 2-3 minutes for the upgrade to finish. During this time, you will not have VPN access to the TC network.

You may be prompted to allow GlobalProtect access to your Downloads/Documents/Desktop folders. You can safely click Don't Allow for each of these prompts without impacting the performance of the VPN.

The GlobalProtect Client will automatically restart once it's been upgraded. Click on the GlobalProtect icon in the Mac OS X Menu Bar to open up the app.

5.     Reconnect to the client, and confirm you have a successful connection.

6.     A welcome page will pop up on first connect after upgrading. If you wish to disable permanently, check Do not show this again in the bottom right and close the window.

Note: If you have any issues connecting, please contact the TCIT Service Desk via ServiceNow ticket, email ([email protected]) or phone (x3300).

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